Mossy Arts and Crafts

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Bear made from moss at the Panoramahoeve pancake house, Bennekom.

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from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904
Thuidium tamarixinum
By Beatrix Potter
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                  Olymic National Park page

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Hoh rain forest in Olympic national park

Hand-coloured plate of Sphagnum and Andraea spp. Rev. M.J. Berkeley Handbook of British Mosses (1863)

Camera obscura

Racomitrium aciculare growing on Jost Barbiers' Camera Obscura. De Drijen, Het Depot, Wageningen.

Brachythecium shoes

With a little imagination, this mossy stump transforms to a head of a deeer.

Sphagnum art

Tony Turf

Toni Turf
Toni turf (click for details)

MOORitz Sphagnum


The moss witch
The moss witch
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