Mossy Woodland Landscapes

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Hüngerdorderwald, Eifel, Germany Blauwe Kamer, Netherlands Woodland floor, Eifel, Germany Dicranum montanum on tree roots,
Veluwe, Netherlands
Woods near to Maulback,
Eifel, Germany
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Mossy woods near to Kirchahr-Winnen
Plagiomnium undulatum Gerimpeld boogsterrenmos.
Plagiomnium undulatum
Schönecker-Schweiz, Germany
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Renkums beekdal, Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
Brachythecium on willow
Brachythecium on willow, Wageningen floodplain

Hypnum coated trees in the Ballyhoura mountains, Ireland.

Hoh temperate rain forest

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For more photos of the mosses of Hoh rain forest, in Olympic national park, click here.
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