Size of plant Nerve Leaf form Leaf length Alar cells Teeth Seta Habitat (in the Netherlands) Notes Occurence in The Netherlands Page in Landwehr
populeum small to top acuminate 2 mm Large top somewhat toothed Rough upper, smooth lower Rocks by water, base of willow and ash, damp areas Leaves lie against stemp like a paintbrush Very general 335
reflexum small to top acuminate 1.5 mm Very large toothed all round, but esp top Rough Willow in osier beds

Leaves lie against stem, top sticking out, untidy

Rare 336
velutinium small 3/4, sticking out dorsally Sometimes long point, a bit clawed 2 mm small saw-toothed Rough Trees in damp woodland, dead wood, soil looks like B. rutabulum; irregularly toothed, thread-like General 337
plumosum medium 3/4 leaf top fairly short 1.5 mm large smooth or small toothed Rough upper, smooth lower River banks Side branches are bow-shaped, rusty/gold coloured Very rare (general abroad) 338
mildeanum large 3/4 Somewhat long, plicate 3.5 mm small, vague smooth smooth, long Wet clay/soil in floodplains, open marsh. Broze-green RL Vulnerable 341
oepodium large, sparse 3/4 Sometimes weakly bent down 3 mm vague, thick-walled smooth or small toothed weak, mamillate Acid leaf litter, conifer stumps Rhiziodes, long branches sticking up. Rare 343
rivulare large 3/4 Plicate, large decurrent auricle 2.5 mm swollen smooth or weakly toothed Rough Spring-fed forest, damp woodland, stream
Dendroid branching RL Vulnerable 345
salebrosum large 3/4, vague narrow, sometimes claw-like, long point to leaf 3.5 mm small, vague, thick-walled smooth or weakly toothed Smooth & long Dead wood, willow  Glossy General 342
albicans large 3/4 Very acuminate 2.5 mm larage group, decurrent smooth Rough Basic sand

Bleached colour, braches horizontal with vertical branches like asparagus

Very general 339
rutabulum Very large 3/4 variable 3 mm group is small, not decurrent, small cells + swollen cells small teeth Very rough, mamillate Everywhere   Very general 344

Brachythecium rutabulum


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