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For English, Dutch and German names of mosses, see the thumbnail idex of photos.

English Simple Definition Dutch (Nederlands)
Acrocarpous Officially, a moss with the fruit at the end of the branch. The plants are a upright simple shoots. More info.  Topkapselmos  
Acuminate Gradually tapering to a long narrow point Toegespitst   
Acute Sharply pointed Scherphoekig  
Alar cells (=angular cells) Cells in the bottom corners of the leaf Hoekcellen  
Antheridium Male organs Antheridiën  
Archegonium Female organs Archegoniën   
Auricles Clasps at the bottom of a leaf (clasping the stem) Oortjes  
Calyptra Cover of young capsule Huikje  
Capitulum Head of Spahgnum Hoofdje  
Capsule Roughly equal to the fruit Sporenkapsel  
Crisped Curled-up (usually refers to leaves when dry) Gekroesd (sterk) of Gekruld (zwak)  
Decurrent Base of the leaf that continues down the stem Aflopend  
Dorsal Back, under Dorsale, onder  
Entire Not toothed Gaaf  
Epiphyte A plant growing on another plant (e.g. a moss on a tree) Epifyt  
Fassicle Branch of Sphagnum Tak  
Fibrils Spiral thickening of walls of hyaline cells in Sphagnum Fibrillen (verdikkingsbanden)  
Glabrous Smooth & hairless Vlak  
Glaucous Light blue-green Grijsblauw   
Hair-point End of leaf that is like a colourless hair Glashaar  
Hyaline Colourless, transparent Kleurloos   
Hypnoid Like Hypnum    
Imbricate Leaves overlapping like tiles of a roof Dakpanwijs aanliggend  
Incubous In liverworts, when the front edge of each leaf rests on top of back edge of the leaf above. See Succubous. Bovenliggend  
Isodiametric Equal diameter in each direction (used of cells) Isodiametrisch  
Lamellae Thin sheets Lamellen  
Lamina Leaf blade (not the nerve) Bladschijf  
Lanceolate Shaped like a spear Lancetvormig  
Ligulate Shaped like a strap Lintvormig  
Lingulate Shaped like a tongue Tongvormig   
Micron One millionth of a meter Micron   
Midrib Nerve Nerf  
Moss Interesting and prettry small plant Mos  
Mucronate Leaf with a small abrupt point to the tip Stekelpuntig  
Oil body Cellular oraganelle in liverwort Olielichaam  
Orbicular Circular (more or less) Cirkelrond  
Ovate Egg-shaped Elliptisch   
Papillae Small sticking-out bits. If on cells a microscope is needed to see them. Papilla  
Paraphyllia Small leafy structures Parafylliën  
Pendulous Hanging down Hangend  
Peristome Ring of teeth around capsule Peristoom (mondbeslag)  
Pinnate Branched like a fern Geveerd  
Pleurocarpous Officially a moss with fruit not at the end of the leaves. The plant grows as a mat-like structure, lying on the ground. More info Slaapmos   
Plicate Deep furrows Geplooid  
Protonema Stage of growth after spore germination. Protonema  
Recurved Curved back Ingebogen  
Revolute Rolled back (more than curving) Ingerold   
Rhizoids Root-like organs Rhizoiden  
Secund, Falcato secund Curved (like a sickle) Sikkelvormig gekromd  
Serrate Regularly toothed Gezaagd  
Sessile Stalkless Stengelloos  
Seta Capsule stalk Seta  
Squarrose Leaves spread out form the stem Wijd afstand  
Stellate Star-like Stervormig   
Striate Shallow furrows Gestreept  
Succubous In liverworts when the front edge of a leaf goes underneath the back edge of the laef above it. See Incubous. Onderliggend  
Tomentum Covering of hair. Rhizoidenvilt (vilt)  
Underleaves = Amphigastria A small row of leaves under the liverwort stem Onderbladen  
Ventral Front, top Bovenzijd  

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