Acrocarps with leaves in two ranks

(If you need to know what an Acrocarp is, click here)

1 Leaves with tubular sheathing bases; and blades drawn out to long fine points; light green mountain ledge species — Distichium capillaceum

Leaves not as above — 2

2 Leaves nerveless; rather rare plant of caves, etc. — Schistostega pennata

Leaves nerved to apex or near it — 3

3 Small (stems 4-15 mm.); leaves bordered; seta terminal — Fissidens bryoides

Larger (stems 1-8 cm.); leaves not bordered; seta lateral — 4

4 1-2 cm. tall; nerve excurrent in very short point; on banks in woods, etc. — Fissidens taxifolius

2.5-8 cm. tall; nerve not excurrent; in bogs, grassland, wet dunes, and on wet mountain ledges etc. — Fissidens adianthoides

Fissidens bryoides
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