Veluwe Challenge 2012

My goodness, what a lot of mud! Veluwe ChallengeThe 'Wielervereneging Ede' (Ede cycling club) organised the 'Veluwe Challenge', with routes of 30, 50 and 70 kms. It had been raining pretty steadily the last week or so and there were incredible quantities of wet slippery mud.  That meant it was a lot of hard work, so very tiring, and especially going uphill sometime your wheel just spun round.  Especially in the first half (of the 50 km route) quite a few people (myself included) had to walk up some hills.  And talking of people, the strong winds and plentiful rain did not seem to put anyone off, apparently there were an incredible 792 participants. All in all a great tour, well organised, and with the conditions we had today certainly a challenge.
Here is a report in Dutch.

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