The official route at Oirschot consists of 2 loops.Oirschot  As I had my 11-year old daughter with me, we intended to do just one of them, which would have been a bit over 20 km. However at the branch we headed off in the wrong direction, and ended up doing over 30 km (although the last few we headed straight back for the car along tarmac).  But we made it and, despite 2 punctures along the way, Suzanne was not even too exhausted by the time we got back to the car.  It helped that the route was as flat as a proverbial pancake.  Although it was flat, that did not mean it was boring.  It had long stretches of bendy singletrack and wound its way through a landscape of sandy heathland, mixed forest and fen pools (left). The shore was full of interesting mosses, which looked worth investigating on a different occassion. All in all, a well worthwhile track.

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