Sandy Hills

The slope on the left does not look much, and it is in fact only 12% gradient (still more than most hills round here),hill but it is in fact exceptionally difficult to cycle up. The surface is very loose sand, interrupted by roots at a variety of angles. That means that getting up in one go is virtually impossible, and even if I have to stop a couple of times on the way up to reorient myself as the back wheel spins, I still feel quite proud of myself for getting to the top. The hill is a glacial moraine (big heap of stones dumped by a glacier), with the slope cut by the river Rhine. It is only a couple of hundred metes long, but you can go up and down the moriane a number of time as you work your way along from West to East. Be careful on the downhills, as you can unexpectedly come across trees placed across the tracks. The location of the slope is shown as a waypoint on the GPS track.

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