Deer in the woods

One of the good things about mountain biking in the snow is that you stand a better chance of seeing some wildlife. The snow quietens everything down, so you don't scare them off from such a distance. If it is still snowing, like it was today, that scares the people off, so that also helps.  And so today, we saw two deer, reasonably close, and when we stopped, they just moved a small distance and stood and watched us, as we stood and watched them for a while.  In addition to the actual animals, there are all sorts of interesting tracks on the ground.  Today we saw quite a lot of what I think was pheasant tracks.  There is a long narrow sweeping line, caused by the long tail feathers trailing in the snow as they walk around.  It is so narrow and straight that it looks quite unnatural, like a child has been making stripes in the snow.

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