Tonsberg mountainbike

Tønsberg is a small town in the south of Norway, about 1/2 hour down from Oslo.  I was lucky enough to have to visit it for my work last week, and even more lucky that I had some hours free to go cycling.  I was able to hire a decent hardtail from the tourist information office, where they were also very helpful and leant me a map. The map did not really have off-road tracks on it, though some routes were on gravel. However, I had found a route on gpsies.com which looked promising, and did my best to follow that.  Mostly it was indeed an excellent route, though there were parts where either the track just did not exist, or I later concluded that I was following a more difficult route than necessary and that an easier track was running parallel to the difficult footpath I was scrambling up. As a consequence, my route was very varied including a small amount of cycle paths next to main roads, a certain amount of small asphalt lanes, some nice gravel tracks through woodland (very pretty until you stopped and the mosquitoes attacked) and some singletrack/footpaths which were, in parts, very difficult and technical (i.e. I got off and walked on the really steep bits).  All in all, a great ride.




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