Goudsberg tour

On its website, the Goudsberg tour organisers describe it as one of the most beautiful tours on the Veluwe. And it is true! It starts off running alongside the famous Wekeromse Zand (an incredible landscape of inland dunes), which unfortunately you are not allowed to cycle through, and then there is kilometer after kilometer of intricately twisting singletrack through beautiful deciduous woodland. The combination of turning leaves and bright green mossy forest floor was spectacular. After the break, the twisted woodland path continued, but then a series of very steep sandy hills (or rather, sand pits), with  sharp descents and impossible ascents come into play. The combination of gradient and loose sand made me give up and step off the bike on multiple occassions. I was glad to see that virtually everyone else was getting off at the same points as well. There were hundreds of other people taking part, and a nice friendly atmosphere. By the end, after 45 km, everyone was looking quite tired. I was amazed to see when I got home that it was only 500 m elevation, it felt like much more. All in all, a wonderful route.





Bottom photo by Joop van den Brand, others by Andrew Spink

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