Twelve degrees

It really has been the most bizarre winter. No snow at all. Hardly a day of frost. Crocuses in flower in January and daffodils in flower in February. Hardly any days where long trousers were necessary on the mountain bike. Now it is nearly March and I'm wondering, are we going to get a winter or not?  There is certainly enough water.  With the lack of frost, the trails round here are like they usually are in November; deep slushy mud. My daughter's new bike has Racing Ralph tyres on the wheels, which are all very well for speed, but in these conditions spin around hopelessly. I guess we will need to swap at last the front one for something with bigger knobbly bits. Maybe my back tyre can go on her front.  Thank goodness we did not decide to go for 29" wheels, that makes this sort of thing ever so much easier.

Mountianbiking by Wageningen

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