Tour Club Wageningen starts new MTB group

Toerclub WageningenThe local cycling club, Toerclub Wageningen have had a mountain bike group for years, and they organize tours for everyone both in the summer (the 'hell of Ede-Wageningen') as well as a couple of excellent winter tours every year. Their mountain bike group goes at an average speed for up to 25 km per hour, which has always put me off a bit as being definitely faster than I like to go (ok, than I'm able to go).  However, it seems that I'm not the only one who feels this, as they have announced that they are starting a new group for those who go mountain biking more for fun than with the intention of racing through the woods as fast as they can.  It is not a group for beginners, but it is intended to be more relaxed than the established group.  If you are interested please inform the club (mtb <at>  The first ride is on Saturday 14th March, leaving at 09:15.  You need to bring your own mountain bike and wearing a helmet is compulsory. 

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