New group for spring

This week it is the official start of spring, which this year has come together with a dramatic solar eclipse - not that we got to see it through the mist, but at least it gives me an excuse to post Danny McAskill's stunning photo (below). The other new event for spring is that the local club started a new mountain bike group.  Actually, they started last week, but then I was still riddled with flu so unable to join them, making today my first time.  They have had a mountain bike group for many years, but they claim to go through the woods at such a high average speed that it was clearly not aimed at non-competitive mountain bikers like myself. So it was with some anticipation that I joined the new group this morning to see what it would be like. It was great!  About 20 people turned up, so we split into two groups.  I joined the slower of the two on the grounds that I've still not 100% recovered from my flu and we had a great ride through the woods.  It was very sociable, I chatted to lots of friendly people as we went along and the speed was fine.  It would have helped if the weather had cooperated, we arrived back rather on the wet side, but if you think rain and mud are a problem then mountain biking may not be the best activity for you. Anyway, nice ride and I'll certainly be joining them again.

Danny McAskill Rides TheEclipse

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