Peace of mind

This week I've been at a huge meeting with 7000 people with countless short 'business speed dates' telling people about what you are doing and what you are looking for.  Someone even pitched their company at me and gave me their business card whilst queueing for the WC. Completely exhausting, especially after getting home at 1 AM Friday morning. So a cycle ride in the woods with no sound other than my tyres going through the autumn leaves and the occasional snatch of bird song was exactly what I needed. The autumn colours and blue skies were quite spectacular, so the woods were quite full of people, their dogs, and sometimes their horses.  But no matter, a bit of extra creativity in the route I took meant it was not too much trouble to take the more obscure paths where even on a beautiful day like this you can cycle for ages without seeing anyone. And then, by the magic of mountain biking, my head was clear, I was relaxed, and I was restored to my rightful state of mind.


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