Not too late to sign up for hell


Tour Club Wageningen

The 'Hell from Ede-Wageningen' is always a highlight of the year, and because the organisers have arranged a few extra tickets, it is still possible to sign up for the tour on 25th June (at least on the day this blog was published, 19 June). Yesterday we checked out the southern part of the loop with a small group and I was reminded again just what a good route it is.  Lots of twisty singletrack, varied terrain of heathland, woodland, small fields and minimal tarmac. We have had some heavy rain storms in the last couple of days so yesterday everything was really wet and muddy, making it quite hard work to plough through the sand and mud. But we are promised a reasonably dry week so by Saturday the conditions should be optimal.  So sign up now, you won't regret it! And if you are cycling the section south of the railway line after midday, maybe I will see you there.


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