Veluwe Challenge 2016

Over six hundred mountain bikers turned out for this year's Veluwe Challenge and even though the weather was better than some previous years,  it was still quite a challenge, or at least it was for me. I did the 50 km route, which was a bit over 60 km by the time I'd cycled from home, and by the time I got back home I was quite exhausted. In the beginning, despite my average speed being higher than my usual, I was clearly holding back my fellow club-mate and it was only after his shoulder somehow got entangled with a fence as he passed it that I could feel less guilty for holding him back. The (literal) high point of the route was the Goudsberg. That is an area of very steep slopes made of loose sand which was especially challenging. I must admit I was not so pleased with my performance there, I've (just) managed to get up all the slopes there before and this time I had to get off and push several times.  Mostly that was because the cyclists in front of me stopped, but not every time.  I guess my rhythm was broken by those stops.  Still, I guess it is not much of a challenge if you can succeed every time. Anyway, it was a good ride, with impeccable organisation by WV Ede and the usual friendly atmosphere of such events. 

Photo © 2016  Harald Kouseband Oypo

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