Access denied

In the last few weeks the Quadenoord estate, which owns a lot of land in the Renkumse Beekdaal, just to the east of Wageningen, has put up a load of new signs forbidding mountain biking. The signs (on the left below) don't actually say that it is forbidden, just that only walking is allowed and that for "all" other activities access is forbidden. So jogging, horse riding and photography are presumably also not allowed. That is a great shame as in the more remote parts of the estate there are some nice tracks, where I have been happily riding for more than ten years and outside the summer holidays you never see a soul. The estate has also refused access to its land for organised mountain bike tours in recent years.

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The sign on the right is what you see in much of the rest of that valley in land owned by the national forestry service.  It does not mention cycling or mountain biking at all, just that you can walk with your dog on a lead and that motorized vehicles are not allowed. It also says you can see their website for more information, but I could not find anything there about access for mountain biking. It would of course be nice if the sign gave some clarity, especially as I hear rumours of fines, but not if that led to even more land being closed to cyclists.

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