A couple of weeks ago we were visiting the North Eifel.  It is only a couple of hours away, just over the border, with a very different landscape and flora from here, and great mountain biking. One of the things I always notice there is that you see much more wildlife than here. And sure enough, we were treated to the spectacle below:

A pair of young piglets, showing how well their stripes work as camouflage in amongst the rushes and grasses, came to within a few meters of us, showing no fear at all, and even more remarkably the adults in the background were not particularly bothered either.

Another day at dusk we were treated to a fox snacking on a take-away just outside our cottage.


 So when we got back home and I was out cycling with the club, it was natural to be talking about how we don't see so much here.  But what happened, within half an hour we saw a fallow deer and two red squirrels!

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