Autumn already

Saturday morning dawned, and the excuses started coming in. It was too wet for the new bike, it was too wet for the injured hand, it was too wet. Those were the sensible ones. In the end, only three of us turned up and that was a problem. Not because of the small group, but because it meant that we combined two of us from our normal slow group with one from the fast group.  Maybe I could have kept up better, but the torrential rain of the last days not only meant that we got rather muddy (see the photo for proof!) but that the sand turned into some sort of evil glue, sticking to our tyres and clawing us back. With that to contend with, it was all I could do to plod along, let alone keep up with someone used to going considerably faster. But it wasn't all torture.  The rain stopped, the sun came out and a group of three wild boar sat close to the track, apparently as amazed to see us ploughing through the mud, as we were delighted to see them. 

Muddy legs

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