Yesterday we cycled the Montferland route (officially 'Zeddam') and it was glorious. We arrived in dense fog and for a few minutes, I wondered if it was going to be miserable but the sun soon came out and it was perfect. Not too hot or too cold and just enough moisture in the air to make the sun rays through the trees spectacular. The trail has over 400 height meters in its 25 km length, which means that it is one of the hilliest in the neighbourhood (readers of this blog who think that mountain biking is something you do in mountains can stop laughing) and slopes of up to 15 degrees, so it certainly felt different compared to the virtually horizontal areas round Wageningen. The woods there are also much more diverse with a richer understory of herbaceous plants and some lovely moss-coated areas. And to cap it all, we finished with coffee and apple tart. What more could you want?

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