New Ede MTB route

MTB Zuid-Veluwe are busy making new mountain biking routes near us.  The routes close to Ede, Otterlo, Lunteren and Renkum are being upgraded and joined so that in the end there will be over 80 kms of track all in one route. Some of the track to the East of the Ginkelse Heide have been completed and are now open, with arrows showing the way and everything. Yesterday, we went and took a look at what it is like.


In short, it was great! The old rather straight and boring route (shown in yellow-green below) has been replaced by a sinuous path that has transformed a flat landscape into a continuous series of steep ups and downs, demanding quite some concentration to get the steering, gears and pedalling just right. 

MTB Ede route

If you don't recognise that bit of track, you can see where it is from the GPX file. Right-click to download, and then view with one of the programmes or websites on the Links page.

Apparently, the trail builders are stil looking for more volunteers. If you are interested, contact them on the MTB Zuid-Veluwe Facebook page. I hear that our club might help out one day as well, so I'm looking forward to that! 


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