Nijmegen Red Route Renewed


The red route by Nijmegen has been renewed over the winter, so last weekend I took myself off in that direction to see what it was like. The starting point in Berg en Dal is not so far from Wageningen, so I thought I would cycle from home and then just do the red route. That was all very well, but unfortunately when I asked the cycling route planner for the best way to go from my 'current location' to the start, my computer took it into its head that I was currently in Oosterbeek. Oosterbeek is about half an hour cycling from Wageningen, so that meant I ended up cycling an hour longer than planned. Fortunately it was beautiful weather so that wasn't such a problem.

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Anyway, it was definitely worth it. The old route was one that I always enjoyed cycling, but it had been much more improved. The beautiful woodland and spectacular views (above) are still there. It has more up and down (it certainly felt like more than the 350m registered) and much more twisty and fun. Definitely hard work. It was quite busy, with a lot of mountain bikers. I had read various horror stories about large numbers of people without proper cycling clothing (not such a problem) and without helmets (big problem) and with too little skills and experience for the track (also not so handy). Apparently the lockdown had prompted some people to try mountain biking for the first time, seeing alternative forms of recreation like shopping have been restricted. Something to be applauded of course, but not without helmets. Perhaps that was more of a problem a few weeks ago, because last weekend although there were definitely some beginners (which I was happy with, at least I wasn't the slowest person on the trail), they all had helmets and were taking things reasonably cautiously.
Bottom line, they've made a good route better and I definitely want to see what the Green (Groesbeek) Route looks like now.

Above: Personalized return route (see the street name)

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