Web of life

After a long hot summer, all of a sudden (or so it seems to me), the autumn has arrived. The trees are turning spectacular colours, their scary slippery leaves are covering the mountain bike paths, and there is picturesque mist in the morning. Not that it is cool; it is in fact bizarrely warm, perhaps even as much as 20 degrees today. The misty start meant that, in places, the spider webs were quite spectacular. There wasn't just the one shown below, but dozens, perhaps even hundreds, all catching the sunlight filtering through the trees at a low angle.

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It was not only the glorious autumn weather that made yesterday's ride special. After two and a half years of doing my best to avoid covid, last month I finally succumbed, which meant being confined to my house for three weeks and for the last week barely going outside. But I finally felt well enough to get out again yesterday. It was a joy to be out on the bike and a joy to be out in the woods. Even better, we only had a short ride, so there was time on the way back to stop off for delicious homemade cake and coffee. What more could you want?

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