Rheden kinderroute

The Rheden mountain bike route has a number of extra bits tacked on, mostly quite technical. One of those is the 'kinderroute'. Despite the name ('kinder' is children), it is certainly not only a route for children. It has a lot of tight bends and curves, which makes it suitable for small bikes. However, that also means that it is a really good practice of your steering skills if you are on a full-sized bike, especially one with modern 29-inch wheels.

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There is also plenty of up and down, and a few drop-offs as well. Some are on the regular route, and for other, larger ones, there are a few little diversions, marked with an open (not-filled) MTB icon, indicating a harder alternative. 

It is on very sandy soil, and that means that, with the recent dry summers, there is always the problem of loose sand and erosion. The track maintenance crew have done a lot of work in embedding wire mesh into the track to prevent this. However, there are still some treacherous patches left, which you need to look out for.

All in all, an enjoyable and challenging small route. Perfect as an addition to the longer Rheden route, or (like I did this morning) as a quick breath of fresh air before leaving for home at the end of your holiday. It is worth riding twice as the second time round you know what is coming and can take those corners just that little bit faster.

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