Bright sunglight shining through the trees is very difficult to photograph, even with an DSLR, and with a phone it is almost impossible. The sun is too bright and the silhoutettes are too dark. When you are out on the mountainbike in weather like today, it a problem.  There is a solution, and it is called HDR, or high dynamic range.  You take one photo correctly exposed, one that is over-exposed (but that one has some detail still in the shadows) and one that is under-exposed (but in that one the sky is not too burnt out), and then combine them.  Normally you would do this with a DSLR (so you can create RAW files, which have much more contrast range than a jpeg) and a tripod, so that all the photos are of exactly the same scene.  Then you combine them with software like Picturenaut. With just a phone in your rucksac, you need another solution.  The solution is an app (HDR Camera) which automatically takes 3 exposures, aligns them and creates an optimal image.  I still have to play with all its settings, but judging by the photo on the left, even with default settings it can do a good job of an impossible situation.

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