If you look very carefully in the photo on the left, in the highlighted area,Wildlife you can see a couple of ears sticking up, and underneath a body.  A rabbit.  The photos was with the wide-angle view of a phone camera, so in reality it was actually quite close.  What was more spectacular was that only a couple of minutes previously a deer (with small antlers) had stood and looked at us from only about 20 m distance.  It was not at all afraid and after about three minutes wandered off slowly.  I did not dare get my camera out for fear of scaring it. Furthermore it was a beautiful spring day and the fresh green leaves in the woods looked amazing with the sunlight streaming through them. I almost did not get to seee it as my bike was in the shop with a broken ballhead and the front forks being serviced.  However the kind people at the LBS lent me a spare one, so we could still go out.

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