Spink A.J., Murphy K.J. & Westlake D.F. (1990)

The effects of environmental stress on the growth of Batrachian Ranunculus species.

Proceedings EWRS 8th International Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, 1990, 193-198.


A field survey of British river sites gave rise to the hypothesis that water velocity and alkalinity are two important factors determining the distribution of Batrachian Ranunculus species. (DCA axis 1: alkalinity R=.4, p<=0.01, DCA 2: discharge R=-0.6, p<=0.001). The effects of a third potential stress factor (reduced light availability) were also investigated in a field experiment. A number of plots were established on a side-arm of the River Frome, half of which were shaded. Ranunculus had significantly lower cover in t he shaded plots, and this effect increased during the growing season.

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