Ranunculus art

This page contains botanical drawings, paintings and embroidery of Ranunculus. Some are shown as small thumbnails on this page; click the thumbnail to see a larger picture, then click your browser's Back button to return.

Ranunculus paintings

Arjo Rosendaal's painting Arjo Rosendaal is an artist from Rotterdam, and he has specialised in painting works featuring landscapes in combination with buttercups. Click on the image for further paintings (Arjo's own site).
Ranunculus pseudofluitans: by Millais Ranunculus penicillatus subspecies pseudofluitans variety pseudofluitans in the River Erwell in Sussex. Also known as 'Ophelia' by John Everett Millais. Click to enlarge

Baxter, Water crowfoot
Thomas Baxter, Watercrowfoot (1821)

Miller, Brown Trout & Water Crowfoot, Click to enlarge
David Miller, Brown Trout & Water Crowfoot

Van Goch: Still life with Ranunculus: Click to enlarge
Vincent van Gogh: Still Life with Scabiosa and Ranunculus

Contsable's Hay Wain (Click to Enlarge)
John Constable: The Hay Wain (1821). Although it is hard to see on reproductions, in the original (which can be seen the National Gallery in London), flowering Ranunculus can be seen in the water.

In Sloot en Plas In de Weide

Marinus A. Koekkoek (1930). 'In sloot en plas' (in ditch and pond) (left) and 'In de Weide' (In the Meadow) (right). These are part of a series of watercolours made for educational purposes in Dutch primary schools. The
Ranunculus in both cases is most likely R. peltatus. More information (in Dutch) here.


by Marianne van der Peijl

Botanical Drawings

Stella Ross-Craig: Drawings of British Plants

Isabel Adams (Click to enlarge)
Isabel Adams (1910) - Wild Flowers of the British Isles

Ranunculus penicillatus, by Magd Ali: CLick to englarge
Ranunculus penicillatus var calcareus by Magdi M Ali

Ranunculus acris
Ranunculus acris
by Andrew Spink

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Ranunculus aqualtilis from Pflanzenleben des Schwarzwaldes (Tafeln) (1927)

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Ranunculus aquatilis from Flora Batavus (1832)

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