A flower calendar

February 2
The Snow-drop in purest white arraie
First rears her head on Candelmas daie
February 14
While the Crocus hastens to the shrine
Of Primrose love on Saint Valentine
March 25
Then comes the Daffodil beside
Our Ladye's Smock at our Ladye Tide
April 23
About Saint George when the blue is worn
the blue Harebells the fields adorn
May 3 (Ranunculus subg. batrachium)
While on the day of the Holy Cross,
The Crowfoot gilds the flowerie grasse.
June 11
When Barnaby bright smiles night and day,
Poor Ragged Robin blooms in the hay.
June 24
The Scarlet Lychnis, the garden's pride,
Flames at Saint John the Baptist's tyde.
July 15
Against Saint Swithin's hastie showers
The Lily white reigns the queen of the flowers.
July 20
And Poppies a sanguine manfle spread,
For the blood of the Dragon St. Margaret shed.
July 22
Then under the wanton Rose agen
That blushes for penitent Magdalen.
August 1
Till Lammas-day called August's wheel,
when the long corn stinks of Camomile.
August 15 (Clematis vitabile)
When Mary left us here below,
The Virgin's Bower begins to blow.
August 24
And yet anon the full Sun-flower blew,
And became a star for Bartholomew.
September 14 (Passiflora)
The Passion-flower long has blowed,
To betoken us signs of the Holy Rood.
September 29
The Michaelmas Daisie among dead weeds
Blooms for Saint Michael's valorous deeds.
October 28
And seems the last of flowers that stood
Till the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.
November 1
Save Mushrooms and the Fungus race
That grow as All-hallow-tide takes place.
November 25
Soon the evergreen Laurel alone is seen,
When Catherine crowns all learned men.
December 25 (yule log)
Then Ivy and Holly-berries are seen,
And Yule-Clog and Wassail come round again.
V.S. Lean (1902)
Collectanea vol 1 p 449

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