This site is created and managed by Andrew Spink. The site is written in English for two reasons. Firstly Wageningen is a very international city, and the vast majority of existing information is available only in Dutch.  Secondly, Andrew is originally from England and, despite living in the Netherlands for a very long time now, still finds it easier to write English. He has always been a keen cyclist, even when he has lived in places like Bath and Sheffield where normal people consider it too steep, and has always loved being in nature. Mountain biking is a wonderful combination of the two. He is a biologist by profession and works for a company which provides software, hardware and services for biologists, psychologists and others studying behavior in people and animals.


Any comments on this site are welcomed, and you can send them to mtb |at| andrewspink dot nl. You can also follow me on twitter (@andrewspink) and mastodon.green/@andrewspink.

Andrew Spink on MTB, near Wageningen

The photo above was taken by  Erik Morren during the TCW winter tour 1 in 2012 and the one below during the 'Hel van Ede-Wageningen' in 2013.

Andrew Spink on mountainbike, Ginkelse Heide

Andrew Spink - Goudsbergtocht

The above photo was taken by Joop van den Brand during the Goudsberg tour (2013).

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