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The main part of this site is a collection of photographs of mosses. There are about 375 moss photos, and more are being added all the time.

Leucobryum glaucum

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During the last couple of excursions of the Wageningen KNNV moss group we saw loads of beautiful mosses including the following photos of species which I didn't yet have on this site, or that the photo wasn't so good.
Frullania dilatata

Frullania dilatata growing on bark on a row of trees next to a road.

Lepidozia reptans

Lepidozia reptans on an old tree stump

Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans

Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans growing on a sandy bank.

Cololejeunea minutissima

An unfortunately rather over-sharpened photo of Cololejeunea minutissima. It is really 'minutissima', the leaves are only a quarter of a millimeter long. We were all very impressed that one of our group even managed to spot it.

Metzgeria furcata is not an uncommon species, but it turned out that I only had a rather blurry photo before, so this one can replace it.

Cryphaea heteromalla 

Cryphaea heteromalla, with apologies for someone's out of focus jeans in the background, spoiling the picture.
Racomitrium ericoides

Racomitrium ericoides is a very rare moss here in the Netherlands. Very exciting!

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