Autumn again

After a few days of cycling to work at -15 C, all of us a sudden it became warm again. Autumn again The snow melted. So did the mud.  The ground remained frozen a few centimeters below the surface, trapping the water, so that meant that even the sandy paths were transformed into a muddy mess.  Worse than that, in a few places there were large puddles, and I discovered that this meant it was 10 cm of water on top of ice.  The ice was not even even, so that meant that despite my best efforts, it was not possible to stay upright, and over I went into iced water.  Fortunately the air was so warm that I did not have long trousers on, so dried off reasonably quickly. The nice thing about the warm weather is that the squirrels have woken up from hibernation.  One ran in front of my wheel, and we also had one in the garden. I hope we don't have another cold spell, or they will have no energy reserves left if they need to hibernate again. 

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