Wild Dukes Bike Park, Wageningen

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I first heard the rumour.  There was a bike park being made in Wageningen, and it was almost finished. At first I was skeptical - Wageningen is not a large city and surely I would have noticed if something like that was going on, especially if they had been building it for a year or so?  And were we really going to get such a facility; surely that was more something for exotic places like Canada and Wales? But apparently even in a place the size of Wageningen not everyone knows everything and it was really true.  Yesterday there was the Grand Opening of the Wild Dukes Bike Park. It was super.  Lots of enthusiastic people and a great atmosphere.  We stood watching in amazement whilst people threw themselves off terrifying drop-offs and then bounced up meters high in the way over the top of obstacles. But the best bit was that it was not all terrifying.  The pump track and some of the other sections looked as though it was quite possible for even a biker like myself to have a go at without being in immediate danger to life and limb. Definitely worth a go sometime!

Wild Dukes Bike Park Wageningen

For more information about the bike park, see their Facebook page (in Dutch).

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