Hell of Ede-Wageningen 2017

Last weekend, it was that time of year again; time to help out with the 'Hell of Ede-Wageningen'. This year we had a completely new route, unfortunately due mainly to increasing unfriendliness of landowners where we used to go. That meant a huge amount of work for those planning it. There were also one or two puzzles for those of us helping putting the arrows out, like the spot below where it splits and which way you go depends on not only if you choose for the shorter or longer route, but also if it is the first or second time that you reach that point. You would imagine the sign below would be so clear that no one could make a mistake, but there were still some people who were going so fast that they didn't have time to think about it before taking the wrong turn.

Hell van Ede-Wageningen

Over 850 people took part in the tour, so that was a great success, and we heard a lot of positive remarks about the new route. It was a long day helping out, with an early start and 70 km cycling (despite our bit to sign only being 5 km long), but all in all very worthwhile.

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