The buds are bursting on the trees and shrubs in the woods, the skylarks are singing in the meadows and to cap it all we passed a group of Primulas (elatior or verna) flowering away in a verge this morning. What is more I saw at least four large buzzards flying around, two of them definitely together and we all stopped to look at a red squirrel playing in the branches overhead. But the new life of springtime wasn't the only new thing today. We had heard rumours of a new track being made near to Doorwerth, not quite finished yet, but still rideable. We were not disappointed. Because it isn't yet finished, some parts were more challenging in terms of loose sand than you might wish for on a twisty up-and-down track, but it was great. The builders had made the most of what elevation there was and we had to keep our wits about us as one after another twist came up round each corner. I guess it won't be long before it is finished off, the signposts go in and everyone else can explore it.

Doorwerth Track

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