De Hattemer Herfst ATB tocht 2023

Hattemer is just a bit too far away from Wageningen, so I had never been on their tour before. I guess that is so for more people, because I heard that there were only 250 participants. We usually get at least twice that for the tours we organise in Wageningen. However, last Saturday I was on holiday nearby and joined the tour. I and all the others who not normally take part in the eight previous editions had definitely been missing out on something special. 

It was a great route, through a diverse and varied landscape. It started off from the ice skating association clubhouse (it was cool, but not that cold) and for the first few kilometres we could warm up as we cycled on the road. Then the route branched off into the woods and the fun started. We went through all different sorts of woodland; conifers, broadleaved and mixed, with occasional stretches of heathland and grassland. After that first bit, and a short stretch at the end, almost none of it was on asphalt. Because the landscape was varied, so was the soil, we went from loose and slippery sand (I was very happy it had rained heavily the night before, or it would have been really hard work indeed) to grippy loamy forest soil. There were a few small hills, leading to a total of about 300 m of climbing.

Due to the time of year, when we set off, there was some mist in the forest, which gave some spectacular effects with the sunlight coming through the trees.

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Woods near Hattemer

We were very luck with the weather. Not only did the rain the night before mean that it was all rideable, but it was not too hot and not too cold (aside from the first half hour, when I needed a jacket, dry, and quite a lot of sunshine.

It was a well-organised tour, with a great atmosphere ('gezellig'), clear signing and two breaks, which was generous for a tour of only 45 kms. 

So far as I could see, the route is all on tracks that are normally open, so you can follow it from here. But ff you are in the area next September, it is definitely worthwhile to join the tour and support the club that organises it.

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