Bird song

The woods were filled with the sound of birdsong this morning. Blue tits (left), great tits, blackbirds and finches were all singing away, building nests and establishing terretories. There was a bit of warmth in the sun, the ground has now defrosted (so no puddles anymore, see below) and it was generally quite spring-like.  The downside is that the woods were also filled with other mountainbikers, walkers, dogs, children, children with footballs, more dogs, horses, etc.  After a winter of having the paths to myself, I had got used to the idea that it was not a problem to be on an official route, so made a tactical mistake of following a signposted route.  Nevertheless the weather was so glorious that it did not matter and we still had a great ride. 
The photo was not taken on the trial, but a couple of weeks ago in my garden

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